Information on Paragliding Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hawaii.

Fly Hawaii Honolulu, paragliding instruction/guide service.

Our Best Year Yet! Oldest school, since 1994 in Hawaii

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Best safety record in Hawaii
The school offers paragliding training, private lessons, cross country
guiding and high altitude flight instruction in Honolulu and the Big Island

 We train on the Big Island. Students get free airport pick up and free accommodation in one of our cabins.
Fly Hawaii is the oldest paragliding school in Hawaii.
I moved to Hawaii in 1994 after 16 years as a full time United States Hang Gliding Assoc. hang gliding and paragliding instructor in Santa Barbara Ca. 12 years as a basic and advanced hang gliding instructor at Guadalupe Sand Dunes with hundreds of students and a perfect safety record, followed by 5 years as a paragliding instructor on the Mesa in Santa Barbara.

Imagine being a paragliding pilot/instructor coming to the Big Island, looking at Mauna Kea and discovering the great flying potential of this island and nobody was flying paragliders.
I had found my paragliding Shangri La.
It turned out to be a very exciting time pioneering new sites like Shadow Mountain and SW Launch, signing off the first group of paragliding students and developing Pu’u Loa as a training hill. I claim a perfect safety record as an instructor at Pu’u Loa since 1994 with the highest number of students taught.
Mauna Kea is potentially one of the premier hang gliding and paragliding flying sites in the world.
We offer a complete range of services catering to all levels of pilot proficiency.
Paragliding Mauna Kea, home of the Mauna Kea Wave

  1. Mauna Kea Wave, higher than the Sierra Wave
  2. Glider ride to 33000 f. above Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa.
  3. Mauna Kea paragliding wilderness flying.
  4. Paragliding Mauna Kea, hike to S.W. Launch, 11200 f. elevation
  5. Paragliding Mauna Kea, S.W. Launch. "Closer"

Mauna Kea has been a hang gliding flying site since the 1970's. Hang Glider Pilots got to 18k, back in the 70/80's and flown to Kona from the summit of Mauna Kea.
It is a premier flying site, highest launch sites in Hawaii, strongest thermals, highest cloud base, biggest lapse rate. Highest altitude reached in Hawaii. Hawaiian Hang Gliding Distance records. World class potential.
I flew a paraglider off the back site of Mauna Kea first in 1994 and have developed a couple of take off spots away from the main access road and have not been disturbed there in years. But it is High Altitude Wilderness Flying.  Bring everything you need for that and call me.

Mauna Kea Paragliding High Altitude Wilderness Flying

We are taking applications for nominations for our "Keep the air clean of paragliders above Mauna Kea" 2014 award. 2014 marks 20 years of denied official access for paragliders and 30 years plus for hang glider pilots. It is just remarkable.

Special recognition to the University of Hawaii who was instrumental in denying access, in close cooperation with the Department of Hawaiian Homeland, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Parker Ranch, Puhakoloa Military Reservation and the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Assoc. (Lack of support)
The dedication and tireless work for over 20 years by some individuals and organizations deserves recognition. The air has never been so clear of paragliding pilots above Mauna Kea. Congrats to a job well done. Keep those invasive species out.

How backwards is that in comparison to other countries? Anybody been to Europe? How do they handle paragliding in their mountains?  They are years ahead in the world of paragliding and we are way behind the curve. There is not a single manufacturer of paragliding gear in the U.S, we have 4000 paragliding pilots, stagnating for decades, Europe has 10's of thousands.

Here is how paragliding is handled in Europe.


Paragliding Mauna Loa. 13,678'

Mauna Loa Caldera on the summit of Mauna Loa.
Exploratory hike to the summit to see if it is flyable coming up. Give us a call.
213.457.3614 or send an email to Requires extremely good physical conditioning. 5 day hike,lots of sunshine, no shade, no water, high winds, high altitude.

    I found some potential new sites on Mauna Kea, for example this Pu'u at 11000 f. Never been flown before.Looks like an easy glide to Mana Rd.
    If you are coming to the Big Island bring everything you need for high altitude wilderness flying and give me a call. 213 457 3614
    Hawaii is home of the Mauna Kea wave, like the Sierra Wave in California, the potential to reach really high altitudes is like nowhere else in the U.S.

    If you like natural beauty, wilderness, wild life, paragliding or hang gliding and if you prefer a low key approach to paragliding and hang gliding combined with an unmatched safety record give me a call and fly with us. I know the area like nobody else when it comes to hang gliding and paragliding, Mauna Kea and the Big Island of Hawaii.

    Mauna Kea has active thermal sites with strong thermals,lots of wind and huge landing areas. No tree landings here. A 4 wd is required.
    The area around Mauna Kea is a thermal paradise. Most consistent flying sites on the Big Island, highest launch sites in the State of Hawaii, highest cloud base, strongest thermals.
    Many potential sites have yet to be flown.