Fly Hawaii Paragliding, Paragliding instruction/guide service. Oldest school, since 1994 in Hawaii - Best safety record in Hawaii

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The school offers paragliding training, private lessons, cross country
guiding and high altitude flight instruction in Honolulu and the Big Island    

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Paragliding Instruction Oahu. Fly Hawaii Honolulu

We only had a few teachable days for paragliding classes on Oahu in the last 2 month due to high winds. Beginner classes need 5-15 mph max, so we decided to set up classes on the Big Island where conditions are much more consistent. Airport pickup and accommodation is provided free of charge, so if you are interested in learning to paraglide and sign up for our beginner class give us a call. 5 days of instruction or a couple of weekends on the Big Island will do wonders for your paragliding progress.

Watch paragliding students learn on the Big Island.

3 hour intro class: 200.00

5 day Beginner Class 895.00

We sell used gear at reasonable prices that come with a Paraglider Flight Test Report for peace of mind. So - if you want to do this right call the instructor from the oldest school in Hawaii with the best safety record.


Stubai 2016, the latest gear. 

Paragliding student checking out his new glider

 The USHPA, as a private membership organization, has no governmental authority, does not own any flying sites, does not negotiate nor enter into any permits for flying sites, does not control any flying sites or the flying that takes place at them. The sports of hang gliding and paragliding are not controlled by the USHPA; anyone that wishes can fly. (The only regulatory authority for flight in the United States is the Federal Aviation Administration.) However, we encourage all those who wish to fly, whether it be hang gliders, paragliders, or both, to join the USHPA as members, because together, as an Association, we can ensure the flying we enjoy today will be around tomorrow. 

I moved my school from Santa Barbara to Hawaii in 1994 after 16 years as a full time United States Hang Gliding Assoc. hang gliding and paragliding instructor in Santa Barbara Ca.,12 years as a USHGA basic and advanced hang gliding instructor at Guadalupe Sand Dunes with hundreds of students and a perfect safety record, followed by 5 years as a USHPA certified instructor on the Mesa in Santa Barbara. Also with a perfect safety record.

Come down on a Monday and I'll have you soloing by Friday.

Oahu has great flying sites for advanced rated pilots but nothing for Beginners and Novice pilots. There are no beginner training hills for paragliding instruction. It is often too windy for weeks on end or there is no wind or from the wrong direction. What a student really needs is a  couple of hours of steady 8-15 mph every day for a couple of days in a row and he/she will progress much faster. Developing muscle memory is critical to safety. Big landing areas with no obstacles are essential for students. An easy take off site for a  paragliding student is a gentle slope facing right into the light wind.  Restricted landing areas that are very close to the highway and the ocean are special sign off skills for an intermediate pilot.
Beginner kiting classes take place on Oahu, but when it comes to do your flight training we go to the Big Island. Students learn a lot faster, get more airtime and it is also safer due to the better training sites and conditions. Students can pretty much fly every day throughout the year. We train on a 500 ac. ranch with perfect training conditions for beginner paragliding students.
Students get free accommodation, free airport pick up in Hilo, free high speed internet.

Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Paraglider heading out 11000 f. over the valley floor