Paragliding Instruction, Big Island of Hawaii. 213 457 3614

Achim Hagemann was the first paragliding pilot/instructor on the Big Island starting in 1994 after 12 years of teaching hang gliding at Guadelupe Sand Dunes with a perfect safety record with hundreds of students, followed by a couple of years as a pg instructor on the Mesa Santa Barbara as a certified hang gliding and paragliding instructor with the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Assc. USHPA.

Information about learning to paraglide:


Consult your instructor before you purchase paragliding gear. Your instructor can choose the gear that fits your ability level and needs.
Know the costs. Paragliding is an expensive sport. A reliable, basic paraglider can cost $2500 on average. A good open-face helmet--an essential piece of paragliding gear--can range in price from $150 to $250. Another gear staple is a back up parachute. The average price for a back up parachute is $500.
Buy a paraglider after you gain experience paragliding. Different styles of paragliders are made for the beginner and the advanced flier. Your instructor can help you pick the paraglider that is right for your flying style.
Choose an open-face helmet that doesn't obstruct vision or hearing. Ensure it fits comfortably, yet snugly on the head with little movement.
Pick a paragliding harness that has foam backing to protect your back from injury. An airbag backing is a good alternative if foam is not available.
Get paragliding apparel that protects your body while in flight and when you land. A flight suit is essential to maintain proper body temperature while in flight. Sturdy boots protect the ankle from the impact of landing. Gloves keep the hands safe from line burns when you brake. Choose thin gloves that give you a good grip on the line but allow you to maintain tactile awareness.